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Fives Aluminium Anode Forming june17-FIVES

Fives’ anode forming solutions are designed to enhance paste quality in order to produce the best anodes. Xelios 2.0, the latest generation of vibrocompactor, allows for higher flexibility and stability of the process, and produces high density and free of defects anodes.

More than 40 years of continuous improvement

Fives is continuously improving the forming process. Xelios 2.0 is designed to fulfill the new needs of high amperage electrolysis pots and to take the best of anode paste produced with degraded raw material. State-of-the art development such as accurate paste weighing and dosing device, pneumatic suspension, counter pressure, vacuum, central guiding, variable speed, adjustable vibration level, anodes marking device, etc… contribute to the final high density anode.

Xelios 2.0, a customized solution to meet anode quality requirements:

  • High and stable density
  • Free of defects
  • Accurate geometry
  • Constant height
  • Good behavior on pots

Xelios 2.0 technical features

The forming unit can be fitted with one, two or three Vibrocompactors depending on the required production capacity. It is fed by a mobile transfer hopper with top cover and fume collector for optimized fume capture and noise reduction. An adjustable paste distributor is used for an even feeding of the mobile transfer hopper.
The mould can be customized upon client’s requirements to produce any size or shape of anodes, with or without slots, chamfers, or specific top block.

The anode production cycle is totally adjustable in line to the required capacity through Fives’ advanced control software:

  • Compaction vibration cycles controlled through a variable speed motor: speed, duration, ramp-up and down
  • Vacuum system using low maintenance dry rotary vane pumps
  • Dynpac for a real time compaction control
  • Adjustable pneumatic top back pressure to boost the cover weight compacting efficiency
  • A unique system for lifting the mould and clamping the cover using a single pair of adjustable hydraulic jacks
  • Laser beam contactless measurement of the anode height along the whole ejection length, for simultaneous anode height and flatness control
  • Paste feeding and dosing, automatically controlled through anode height and density monitoring
  • A fully customizable automatic marking device at the ejection of the anode

All vibrocompactor movements are achieved through variable speed hydraulic and electrical actuators which are monitored on line with position sensors for a better control and accuracy.

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