Anode Cooling

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Fives Aluminium Anode cooling Refroidissement 3D Aluminium-FIVES

Operation features

The water sprayed to cool down anodes is collected under the cooling tunnel and routed to the settling tank where it is cleaned from coke particles and dust before being sprayed again on anodes. Such cooling tunnel operates with zero water effluent for a safe environment while the water consumption is reduced by an optimization of the cooling process.

Fives Aluminium Anode Cooling-FIVES

Fives' cooling tunnel, a cost savings solution thanks to: 

  • An advanced proprietary thermal modeling of the cooling process, based on industrial calibration campaigns
  • An optimization of the required cooling time without compromising the final anode outlet temperature even with very high air temperatures
  • A 30% more compact settling tank, used to recycle water, for better efficiency and easier cleaning

Direct impact on investment cost: 

  • Reduction of the ground space
  • Reduction of civil works
  • Easier construction 

A customized solution

Fives is mastering the design of the whole cooling facility, including all specific equipment, as well as fabrication and construction. This includes the Power and Free conveyor, swing trays (used to carry the anodes), density control station, all kind of anodes conveyors, handling machines and civil works.

Fives Aluminium Anode cooling GAP Cooling tunnel with meshes-FIVES

Upon customer’s choice or project constraints, tailor-made solutions are proposed either for cooling tunnels (overhead conveyors, pan conveyors, chain dragged plate conveyors, pushed plate conveyors, etc...) or cooling pools.
Handling accessories that ensure the interface with anode formers and downstream anode handling and stacking line (such as rising/lowering/rotating tables, driven or free roller conveyors, puller/pushers, on-line anodes tracking software, etc...) are mostly in-house designed and form part of our global solution offering.

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