HF Abatement & Alumina Enrichment

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Fives Aluminium HF Fjardaal GTC-FIVES

The aluminium production process by electrolysis requires fresh and fluorinated alumina. To this extent, the Gas Treatment Centers (GTCs) have two core functions for aluminium producers:

  • To treat pollutants emitted by electrolysis pots, via the adsorption process of fluorine by alumina
  • To supply fluorinated alumina for reinjection in electrolysis pots

HF emissions at stacks: <0.005 kg/t alu

Fives Aluminium HF GTC Qatalum-FIVES

As a pioneer in the process of capturing fluorine with alumina, Fives provides alumina enrichment solutions which guarantee a low level of emissions during the aluminium production. Indeed, Fives' best available GTC technologies allow capturing alumina and recycling the fluorine emitted by electrolysis pots in aluminium smelters. This solution enables aluminium producers to optimize their operating conditions.

Key facts about Fives' state-of-the-art GTCs:

  • Treatment of all types of pots including high-intensity Point Feed Prebake (PFPB) pots (300-600 kA).
  • More than 19,000 pots treated in the aluminium industry worldwide, equivalent to a production of approximately 12,000,000 tons of aluminium per year.

A flexible and customized solution

Fives’ installations feature an optimum balance between ergonomic design, cost efficiency and high scrubbing performance that includes:

  • A modular design for easy maintenance and continuous operation
  • An homogeneous and balanced gas distribution in each module
  • A precise regulation of the distribution of alumina to each module
  • Modules equipped with large capacity hopper to maintain high scrubbing efficiency via recirculation in case of alumina feeding disruption
  • A soft filter media cleaning using low pressure pulses

Gas Treatment Technologies

Filtration Technologies

Ozeos, TGT, Vibrair are the various types of filtering solutions

Gas Cooling

The various solutions to cool down gases are air dilution, water injection, heat exchangers, hairpins

SO₂ Removal

Sea water scrubbers to meet the strictest environmental reputations

Potroom emissions processing

Yprios or S-yprios, two alternatives technologies to reduce emissions

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