Fume and Gas Treatment Center

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Fives Aluminium Fume gas treatment GTCMixte-FIVES

Where applicable, Fives’ Gas Treatment Center (GTC) can be adapted to treat fumes from the anode baking furnace, thus replacing the Fume Treatment Center (FTC).

An innovative solution combining high performance with cost reduction

As there is very little process difference between treating fumes from anode baking furnace and gases from electrolysis pots, the F&GTC is quite similar to a traditional GTC. It is fitted with an additional filter for the additional flow, as well as with a few additional pieces of equipment to convey fumes from the anode baking furnace towards the treatment plant.

In terms of performance, the F&GTC offers high HF and PAH capture (including benzo(a)pyrene), thus complying with all applicable standards (US EPA 16, OSPAR 11, etc.).

A simple solution which offers:

  • Approximately 50% savings on the FTC capital expenditure and operating costs
  • Lower ground footprint than two separate plants
  • Lower maintenance needs due to the combination of two plants into a single one

This solution has already been implemented in several smelters worldwide and offers significant CAPEX and OPEX savings while providing characteristics comparable to two separate plants.

While CAPEX savings are quite obvious with one single plant instead of two, many operating expenses are also reduced as various features from a typical FTC+GTC configuration become no longer necessary (e.g.: alumina transfer by trucks for continuous feeding of the GTC).

For an optimal configuration, the F&GTC approach must be contemplated at the earliest stages of a greenfield smelter, in order to reduce as much as possible the distance between the anode-baking furnace and the electrolysis pots.

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