Carbon Butts Recycling Unit

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Fives Aluminium carbon butts recycling unit Alba-FIVES

From baked butts and green scraps feeding to crushed recycled product silos, Fives has specifically designed all process equipment to grant the best efficiency, reliability and to capitalize on its long experience in carbon preparation.

The unit is automatically controlled by Fives advanced process control system.

The Fives’ robust-design Apron conveyor used to feed the unit is able to handle safely and easily any kind of carbon product. It can be fitted with many automatic or manual feeding points, to collect products from the Rodding shop, the anode storage, the paste or scraps bunker, etc.

A solution designed to process all kinds of recycled products: 

  • Full green or baked anodes
  • Baked butts (including unexpected aluminium or steel parts)
  • Anode paste
  • Pre-crushed products from the Rodding Shop, etc… 

A two crushing stage technology

Thanks to the Fives’ Green Anode Plant inlet feed size of up to 80 mm authorized by the Rhodax® crusher, the Carbon Butts Recycling plants includes only two crushing stages: one jaw crusher and one roll crusher

Should the carbon butts recycling unit have to feed a conventional paste plant with a maximum grain size of 50 mm, a tertiary corrugated roll crusher of smaller size can be added.

Clean products

Recycled products and butts are contaminated with aluminium pieces, steel rods (stub pins), plastic, wood,… Fives’ process includes several devices specifically dedicated to the removal of waste product. The main features are several magnetic separators located on each conveyor and after each crusher and silos, metal detection on conveyors, vibrating screens as well as eddy current separator to remove aluminium pieces.

An efficient dedusting network also helps to keep a clean area.

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