ECL Anode Stacking Cranes

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Fives Aluminium ECL Anode Stacking Cranes Front Janv16-FIVES

Since 1977, Fives has been learning a lot on the intricacies to handle anodes. Fives can now provide Anode Stacking Crane solutions, which can meet all customers’ expectations according to their method of anode storage. 

A tailor made crane

Fives Aluminium ECL Anode Stacking Cranes Back Janv16-FIVES

Based on both Fives teams’ solid expertise and the implementation of pioneering technologies, Anode Stacking Cranes can operate in extreme conditions (from -45°C to 70°C) and are able to match all specific requirements such as quantity of handled anodes, speeds, stroke…

A simple and fully automatic equipment

Equipped with the last generation of PLC processor and a reliable system to well position the crane and to scan the stock, Fives' Anode Stacking Cranes can work 24/24 hours without any driver. Combining a proven design (self clamping grab) and tools fully assembled and tested in Fives’ workshop in France, the Anode Stacking Crane is a reliable and high-performance machine.

Fives' Anode Stacking Cranes combine experience and most valuable technologies:

  • More than 40 Anode Stacking Cranes in operation worldwide
  • Fully automatic crane
  • Easy to maintain

Safety and easy maintenance

Anode Stacking Cranes are fitted with numerous safety devices to guarantee a risk-free operation. The onboard access is done by stairs to facilitate the maintenance teams’ work. The choice of the position for wearing parts, and of adjustable equipment such as sensors, is thinking to have a direct onboard access and to minimize the maintenance time.

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