Fume Cooling

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Fives Aluminium Fume cooling FTC cooling-tower alba-FIVES

At anode baking furnace outlet, fumes temperature can be very high and can vary a lot. Fives has designed a compact and efficient cooling tower, which guarantees constant fumes temperature within the Fume Treatment Center (FTC).

A highly efficient cooling tower which ensures:

  • 100% water evaporation for an absence of corrosion
  • An optimal pollutants capture due to constant fumes temperature at the outlet
  • An enhanced protection against fire and explosions
  • Reduced maintenance thanks to a simplified access to all functionalities

Operating principles

The process of this tower is based on water injection, with continuous adjustment of the quantity of water injected to maintain a stable outlet temperature. It is crucial that the injected water evaporates to protect the tower against acid attacks.

Design specificities of this cooling tower make it available for any kind of climate, even extremely warm or cold, and applicable to fumes flow up to 250,000Nm3/h.

Fives Aluminium Fume cooling 3D evaporative cooling tower-FIVES

The decrease of fumes temperature in the cooling tower also favors the condensation of some of the heaviest tars, which can then be easily collected.


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