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Fives Aluminium FTC solutions Qatalum-FIVES

Fives provides Fume Treatment Centers (FTC) dedicated to anode baking furnace fumes treatment. Following recent improvements, Fives now proposes optimized next-generation FTCs.

40 Fume Treatment Centers worldwide

Fives Aluminium FTC Back Mars16-FIVES

Fives' Fume Treatment Centers rely on a solid knowledge of the filtering process and technologies to preserve physical properties of alumina and reduce as much as possible fresh alumina feed rate.

Reference levels of performance

With very low and continuously improved emission levels, Fives’ next-generation FTC offers high-end performance in line with the strictest environmental standards for all pollutants emitted by anode baking furnaces (PAHs, benzo(a)pyrene, HF, tars, etc.).

A long-standing worldwide expertise

Fives has proven its ability to design plants in the most extreme climate conditions, from Canadian polar colds to intense heat in the Arabic peninsula.

Fives' Fume Treatment Centers can also adapt to any operating specificities such as huge variations in terms of flowrate or temperature.

Safety and easy maintenance

Fives' Fume Treatment Centers are fitted with numerous safety devices which guarantee a risk-free operation. Plant design combines all necessary by-passes and specific protections to counter any possible fire or explosion. They are efficiently protected against acid attacks, even under the most rigorous conditions.

HF Abatment & Alumina enrichment

Treatment of pollutants and supply of fluorinated alumina 

Emissions Processing at the Green Anode Plant

Eolios, the solution for a clean paste plant

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