Anode Handling Systems

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Thanks to continuous improvements on Anode Handling Systems, Fives can provide a complete integrated solution to meet customers’ expectations in terms of production rate, reliability and flow between the Furnace Tending Assembly, Green anode plant, storage and Rodding Shop buildings. 

Cycle Time < 50s per Anode

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A cycle time adapted to the process requirement

Anode Handling Systems are designed to reduce cycle time to a minimum of 50 seconds per anode. Even if each individual station has to respect this value, Fives guarantees the cycle time for each complete line. This guaranteed value is backed by an anode flow simulation, proven equipment and a strong process expertise.  

A fully integrated solution

Fives Aluminium ECL Anode Handling system Back Feb16-FIVES

The Anode Handling System includes all necessary equipment (Roller conveyors  / Shuttles / Turn tables / Tilters / Cross over tables / Elevators / Pushers / Pullers / Central conveyors…) to transfer the anode from one building to another. Relying on a long-standing experience in anode handling, Fives has also acquired expertise in the fields of anode cleaning station, slot cleaning station, coring machine, weighing anode station and carbon dust collection system. 

As a supplier of Furnace Tending Assembly, Stacking Cranes, Rodding Shops and Level 2 automation, Fives is very familiar with constraints, interlocks, data exchanges and priorities in between the different shops. Thanks to its equipment and process knowledge combined with its know-how in PLC programming, Fives is recognized as a key supplier for complete Anode Handling Systems.

More than 14 Aluminum producers have chosen Fives Anode Handling Systems

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