Capabilities in Bahrain

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Bahrain workshop Feb19 b 2-FIVES

A win-win partnership to ease maintenance and day-to-day operations

The Bahrain Workshop includes:

  • A large equipment refurbishment area with:
    • machine tools for manufacturing,
    • a storage area,
    • a bonded warehouse for trading spare parts, 
  • Local OEM services

A comprehensive approach to assist customers in enhancing their production tools


Key steps

  • Disassembly and removal of tools on site
  • Transportation to the Bahrain workshop
  • Tool’s components dissassembly and expertise
  • Systematic renovations 
  • Refurbishment work including improvement
  • Pre-operation tests
  • Delivery of refurbished tools on site

Equipment refurbishment

  • Equipment Verification, and Repair for optimal operation
  • Replacement of obsolete parts
  • Emergency repairs
  • Compliance assessment to OEM standards
  • Expertise report
P1060645 BD RVB V2-FIVES

Spare part manufacturing

  • Supporting ECL and Solios equipment


  • Lead time optimization
  • Immediate team reactivity to avoid stopping production
  • Relying on OEM manufacturer’s expertise
  • Providing OEM certification and guarantee

The right combination of Expertise, Reactivity and Proximity.