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In order to maximize the plants’ productivity, Fives offers to support customers in assessing various optimization options for their facilities.

Equipment and plant diagnostic audit

Process or mechanical audits to:

  • Provide a status of the equipment:
    - Current performance checking (availability, efficiency, quality)
    - Compliance or not with OEM specifications
    - Action plan to recover or increase the plant / equipment performance
  • Identify bottlenecks to increase plant production
  • Anticipate plant production increase
  • Define action plant for OPEX reduction
  • Answer client specific' needs in terms of emissions, energy consumption, safety…


Fives offers standard or tailor made trainings, seminars and workshops to support customers’ specific needs:

  • Optimizing operation and maintenance of equipment / plant
  • Improving or maintaining operating teams’ knowledges and skills

According to customers’ requirements and availability, training sessions can take place at Fives’ locations including abroad subsidiaries, or at the customers’ operation facilities. Training sessions comprise theoretical and/or on site practical sessions.

Discover the different training courses available: