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Fives aims at increasing the equipment/plants’ performance throughout life cycle.

Aluminium smelter technology have been changing throughout the years, thus calling for significant improvements.

Fives’ experts can assist customers in assessing modernization options. They are able to identify areas in which improvements can bring substantial benefits in terms of performance, reliability, productivity, environment, energy consumption and safety. The objectives are also to cope with new challenges such as amperage increase, new emission regulation and better anode quality (density, Fe content, ...).


Relying on its experience and expertise combined with strong R&D programs, Fives proposes the implementation of a wide range of proven and innovative solutions in order to improve the performance of the plants.

Pot Tending Machine (PTM) Automatic Driving Assistance sequence, that can each be implemented independently from the others:

  • Robotic assistance for hood handling, that provides a great relief and a safer environment for the pot operators  
  • Automatic assistance and visual control of the anode covering operations, allowing a better regularity of the covering and a reduction of the covering material consumption
  • Automatic assistance for PTM positioning in the potrooms
  • New PTM cockpit, providing a more comfortable environment, and fully using the new digital technologies to deliver the right information to the operator, when he really needs it
  • Comprehensive training solution adapted to each operator’s role and competences, from performance learning courses to virtual reality simulation of the pot operation

Amelios Suite, a comprehensive monitoring solution for full Carbon Material Tracking, Process and Equipment Optimisation throughout the whole anode cycle. This suite presently includes:

  • A Green Anode Package providing a monitoring system for the Green Anode plant, as well as process optimization tools, in particular as regards to binder optimization
  • A Baked Anode Package featuring the monitoring of the Firing & Control Systems, as well as a baked anode quality analyser. Fives has in particular developed, jointly with AP TechnologyTM, an Anode Resistivity Mapping Device (MIREA) providing an evaluation of the quality of production for each baked anode block
  • Shortly, an Anode Usage Package will be available to monitor some parameters in relation with the anode performance in reduction cells, as well as a complete Carbon Block Tracking Package, allowing a continuous evaluation of the quality of the anodes in the Green Anode Plant, after baking, and finally in correlation with its performance in the reduction pots 

SMARTCrane, a shift from reactive support to pro-active maintenance, relying on a “real time” service to improve Overall Equipment Efficiency, including:

  • Notification of machine critical occurrence for failure prediction
  • Data sharing between operation and maintenance
  • Remote assistance 
  • Dedicated advices from OEM and experts’ reports
  • Overall Equipment Efficiency dashboard
  • And in the foreseeable future, predictive maintenance