Sohar Aluminium

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In 2006, as part of the construction of the Sohar Aluminium smelter in Oman, Fives was awarded several turnkey contracts including the design and supply of: 

Scope of supply

  • A 36 tph Green Anode Plant implementing Rhodax® for dry material preparation and IMC® (Intensive Mixing Cascade) for paste mixing & cooling
  • Two Gas Treatment Centers to control the emissions coming from the 360 AP 35 pots
  • One Fume Treatment Center on anode baking furnaces
  • Four tilting Holding Furnaces and associated launders, each of 80 t capacity feeding two ingot lines
  • A Water Cooling Plant to cool three horizontal casting lines
  • A Liquid Pitch Marine Terminal including two tanks of 5,000 t capacity each
  • Eleven ECL™ Pot Tending Machines to perform all tasks on pots along with a Driving Simulator
  • One Transfer Gantry  and the retractable bumpers
  • The ECL™ Crust Breaking and Alumina Feeding Devices, the ECL™ Anode Connection Assemblies, the ECL™ Jacking Systems
  • Two Anodes Stacking Cranes to store green and baked anodes
  • One Cathode Handling Machine

During these contracts execution, Fives’ main priorities were to respect environmental quality and to ensure Health & Safety.

Fives also contributed to the economical development of local communities through sub-contracts with local partners from, shop manufacturing to site construction.