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In 2010, Ma’aden Alcoa Aluminium Company, a joint venture between the state Company Saudi Arabian Mining (Ma'aden) and Alcoa, awarded several contracts to Fives as part of the construction of its aluminium smelter at Ras Al Khair in Saudi Arabia.

Scope of supply

  • Two 40 tph Green Anode Plants including coke and pitch unloading facilities, the Carbon Butts Recycling Unit, and a twin anodes cooling tunnel. The Green Anode Plants feature the innovative and proven solutions already in operation in the region such as Rhodax® for dry material preparation, IMC® (Intensive Mixing Cascade) technology for paste mixing and cooling, Xelios, the high performance vibrocompacting unit fitted with vacuum and top back pressure, and Amelios, a real time “data-mining” solution for process analysis and follow-up
  • Four Gas Treatment Centers consisting of 18 TGT-RI dry scrubber modules, fitted with the Yprios boosted suction system to reduce potroom emissions during pots maintenance, hairpins designed to cool down pot hot gas, the Forced Cooling Network to cool down pots shells, and the fresh and fluorinated alumina handling system
  • Fifteen Furnaces for the Casthouse with associated launder systems:
    5 x 135t tilting Holding Furnaces for slab Vertical Direct Casting
    5 x 100t tilting Holding Furnaces for ingot casting
    3 x 85t tilting Holding Furnaces for billet casting
    1 x 45t Static Melting Furnace capable of receiving a solid 32t coil, and 1 x 90t tilting Melting furnace fitted with a bottom mounted EMS, both for the scraps remelting facility
    5 x Siphoning systems
  • The Liquid Pitch Marine Terminal at the port, designed to unload liquid pitch from ships at a rate of 300 tph and to store it in two x 6.000t tanks. This facility includes specific features such as liquid pitch magnetic coupling pumps to avoid pitch spillage for a better working environment, a Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer (RCO) to treat the emitted pitch vapours and two HTM electrical heaters
  • Eighteen ECL™ Pot Tending Machines to perform all tasks on pots along with a Driving Simulator
  • The ECL™ Crust Breaking and Alumina Feeding Devices, the ECL™ Anode Connection Assemblies, the ECL™ Jacking Systems
  • Two Anode Stacking Cranes to store green and baked anodes
  • Bath Processing Unit to treat and recycle electrolysis bath
  • Five Anode Beam Raising Frame
  • One Transfer Gantry and the retractable bumpers to transport ECL™ Pot Tending Machines, Tapping and Miscellaneous Assemblies