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Fives Aluminium Reference Kitimat-FIVES

In 2013, Rio Tinto awarded Fives with different contracts for its Kitimat modernization project in British Columbia, Canada.

Scope of supply

  • Anode Paste Plant Mixing line including pitch fume treatment and fitted with main proprietary equipment (Coke preheater, Xelios and cooling tunnel)
  • Ten ECL Pot Tending Machines to make operations fast and reliable along with a Driving Simulator
  • All pot equipment : ECL Crust Breaking and Feeding Devices, ECL Connection Devices, ECL Jacking Systems
  • Two ECLFurnace Tending Assemblies to carry out all operations on furnaces
  • One Anode Rodding Shop to separate the anode stems, the carbon blocks, the cast iron and electrolysis bath, and to assemble new anodes
  • One Anode Handling Shop
  • One Transfer Gantry and the retractable bumpers to transport ECL Pot Tending Machines, Tapping and Miscellaneous Assemblies
  • Two Anode Beam Raising Frame
  • Two ECL Tending Miscellaneous Assembly to support Pot Tending Machine for tapping and Anode Beam Raising Frame operations
  • Three Melting & Holding furnaces of 100t capacity each, electrically heated, with monolithic refractory lining and automated siphon system