Alba - Bahrain

In 2003, Alba awarded several contracts to Fives as part of its line 5 expansion project:

  • Fives Alba PTM Aluminium-FIVES
  • Fives Aluminium Alba Bahrain GAP-FIVES
  • Fives Aluminium Alba Bahrain Anode Conveying-FIVES
  • Fives Aluminium Alba Bahrain Casthouse-FIVES
  • Fives Aluminium Alba Bahrain FTC-FIVES
  • Fives Aluminium Alba Bahrain GTC-FIVES
  • Fives Aluminium Alba Bahrain LPMT-FIVES
  • Fives Alba Anode Rodding Shop Aluminium-FIVES

Line 5: Scope of supply

  • One Green Anode Plant implemented for the first time the Rhodax® process for dry material preparation and including a Carbon Butts Processing Unit
  • Two Gas Treatment Centers fitted with Yprios, a boosted suction system dedicated to reduce potroom emissions during pots maintenance
  • One Fume Treatment Center on anode baking furnaces
  • The Casthouse no. 3 integration including six melting furnaces and three holding Furnaces, as well as two furnaces for casthouse 2 extension
  • Ten ECL™ Pot Tending Machines to perform all tasks on pots
  • One Anode Rodding Shop to separate the anode stems, the carbon blocks, the cast iron and electrolysis bath, and to assemble new anodes
  • Two Anode Beam Raising Frames
  • The ECL™ Crust Breaking and Alumina Feeding Devices, the ECL™ Anode Connection Assemblies

Fives had already supplied several installations

Fives has been being a major supplier of Alba since the origin of the smelter and has already supplied many installations for the successive lines construction:

  • Two Green Anodes Plants
  • One Bath Processing Unit
  • Nine ECL™ Pot Tending Machines
  • The ECL™ Crust breakers and Alumina Feeding Devices, the ECL™ Anode Connection Assembly, ECLTM Anode Beam Lifting Mechanisms
  • Two Anode Beam Raising Frames
  • Two Fume Treatment Centers
  • The Casthouse furnaces no 1 and 2