Service solutions to support customers in their revamping projects


Thanks to both its expertise and experience, and a network of entities dedicated to service on the five continents, from Brazil to Middle East, Fives can support its customers in improving the performance of their installation in terms of environmental Efficiency, Production Capacity and Safety.

In 2018, Fives started to refurbish 39 tapping trolleys on the old ECL Pot Tending Machines (PTM), that were supplied to ALBRAS by Fives in the 1980s. The new components were manufactured in Fives’ workshops in Quebec City, Canada, and shipped to Brazil. In addition, Fives was awarded a 21-month supervision contract to assist the customer in the installation through its local team who can support ALBRAS in its various modernization projects.

In early 2019, Fives was awarded a contract by QATALUM for the replacement of the Transfer Hopper upstream the Xelios unit at its Green Anode Plant. In order to meet Health, Safety and Environment requirements, QATALUM wanted to improve the working conditions of its operators by enhancing their working environment. The new Transfer Hopper design, which fully meets these expectations thanks to a sliding top door combined with a side-suction system, will also improve equipment reliability and availability through an integrated encoder and rack and pinion system. The equipment will be installed and commissioned by the end of 2019.
Furthermore, at the end of 2018, Fives’ experts updated the Level 2 control software for the Firing and Control Systems on the two anode baking furnaces, without production shutdown. The new fire configuration management allows for full operation of the spare ramps and their passage from one furnace to another without reconfiguration.
Relying on advanced diagnosis functions, this software facilitates remote interventions as part of the software maintenance contract that Fives signed with QATALUM.