Firing & Control System at Century Aluminium

Helios RT, the latest generation of Fives Solios' Firing & Control System

Helios, an advanced Firing & Control System solution

In December 2013, Century Aluminium began the commissioning of the Firing and Control System for the Anode Baking Furnace "D", at their aluminum plant, located in Vlissingen in the Netherlands, under Fives Solios' supervision,

This contract implemented for the first time the HeliosRT technology, developed by Fives Solios, based on innovative control system architecture for a real time central management of the anode baking process.
This solution is based on a Central Control System using redundant PC and an EtherCAT communication Network (Ethernet for Control Automation Technology). The Human Machine Interface (HMI) allows for the process follow-up using Real Time Supervisory software either remotely from the Control Room or locally by using one of the two tablets PC or one of the two touch screens installed inside the furnace workshop.

In order to meet the customer environmental objectives, new CO analyzers were installed and the existing gas injectors were replaced by the latest Fives Solios' low NOx injectors.

For the operators, this new central control system, HeliosRT is simpler, more reliable and easier to maintain.