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As a driver of sustainable industrial progress, Fives shares its customers' objectives to combine industrial performance with sustainable development.

Being a partner of the main aluminium producers

The Innovation effort is first driven by customer’s needs or expectations. Fives encourages any opportunity for joint programs with its clients and/or suppliers.

Over the past 10 years, all the main latest technologies were either jointly developed or at least validated at industrial scale, thanks to successful collaboration with partners. 
It leads to constitute a patent portfolio exceeding 40 international patent families.

R&D investment annually: 3 to 3,5 M€

Capitalizing on the Group’s synergies

Fives’ Innovation program takes also benefit of any possible synergy within the broad panel of the Fives group companies. This is supported by several testing facilities, most of them operating in partnership with sister companies within the Group: a dry material characterization facility as well as a model testing facility for fluid dynamics are installed in one of Fives' Research and Test Centers, in the North of France.

Significative achievements

Fives has developed and implemented number of state-of-the-art technologies worldwide, which are recognized by all the major aluminium producers for their advantages in terms of environment, energy savings, product quality, automatization and performance.