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Fives Services Inspection ECL-FIVES

Through technical, visual and auditory criterias, our experts develop specific plans to secure your facility by proposing brakes, mechanical stops, shock protection or new products such as the Safe-T-Crane (collector derailing system) awarder Innovation 2015 by the CNESST.


Making a regular inspection of your equipment to: 

  • to prevent mechanical and operational failures
  • to identify risks in order to ensure safety of all workers
  • to comply with the latest standards and legislations

A dedicated team

On board their 30 mobile units, our experienced technicians crisscross the country to meet you in order to give the best analyse & answer that perfectly fit to your needs.

Fast & Efficient services

Thanks to a new process for inspection reports with connected tablets, our technicians are able to give a more precise and faster feed back to the customer in order to better meet its expectations.

+5,000 pieces of equipment inspected per year

Fives Services inspection tablette2-FIVES

Ensuring your safety while maximizing performance is the mission of our technical assistance teams

Fives Services inspection 2 truck-FIVES
Fives Services shema inspection-FIVES

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