Melting Furnaces

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Fives Aluminium melting furnaces Novelis-FIVES

From single furnace supply up to large multi-furnace projects, with turnkey supply or partial supply options, Fives has been supplying aluminium furnaces for more than 50 years.

Fives’ furnace technologies can accommodate a wide range of melting processes and integrate specific features to offer a user friendly and safe solution to customers, easy to operate, easy to maintain with optimised energy consumption, thanks to:

  • A door design allowing complete access for loading and cleaning operations
  • Process control systems integration designed for PC/PLC based systems with HMI/MMI facilities and SCADA options
  • State-of-the-art combustion systems (gas, oil or electrical)
  • Electrical radiant heating furnace solution

Technologies which meet high levels of requirements with:

  • Fuel consumption when melting: < 600Kwh/Te
  • Low NOX level
  • Reduced heat losses
  • Capacity: up to 160 tons
Fives Aluminium melting furnaces 3D-FIVES

Fives offers multi-chamber furnaces dedicated to melt contaminated scraps with the following features:

  • Incineration of VOC compounds included in the scrap metal surfaces
  • Release of energy liberated from the VOC
  • Re-use of recovered energy for the melting process

Fives works in close collaboration with customers to meet their requirements in terms of operating cycles, overall layout, and production type by using the best available tools such 3D modelling software with Finite Element Analysis. Fives is also able to offer pre-assembled delivery options to reduce field erection costs and schedule.

Furnace types

  • Tilting & static single chamber
  • Round tops
  • Contaminated scraps
  • Multi-chamber furnaces

Other Furnaces technologies

Heat Treatment Furnaces

Our technologies dedicated to Secondary aluminium

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