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The origins

The background of the Fives’ Aluminium specialty results from various mergers, acquisitions issued from three main companies: Fives Lille in Givors, Air Industries in Versailles, France and Stein Atkinson Stordy in the UK.

1861Creation of the Compagnie de Fives Lille in the Fives district of Lille city (France). It was specialized in the construction of equipment for railroads and metallic bridges 

1906Creation of a company of stove setting in Versailles (France), which became successively, after a couple of mergers, Tunzini, Pratt Daniel, Ameliorair and Air Industries, specialized in industrial dust collection

1908Creation of the French Company Charles Marie Stein & Cie, which was specialized in industrial heating. A couple of years later, it merged with James Atkinson, a company specialized in the furnace engineering and became the Stein Atkinson company

1958Merger between Fives Lille and the French company Société Française de Constructions Mécaniques (previously named Cail Company). The company became Fives Lille Cail

1961Merger of Stein Atkinson with Jack Stordy, specialist in combustion. The company became Stein Atkinson Stordy, SAS

1973Merger between Fives Lille and the Babcock Atlantique Company: FCB (Fives Cail Babcock) was borned

1982Creation of Procedair Industries in Montreal, a subsidiary of Air Industries

1984 - The air pollution control division of Air Industries joined Fives

1987 - Merger between Air Industries and Syprim to become Syprim Air Industries Environnement. SAS joined Fives

2002 - Creation of the first Aluminium Service subsidiary in South Africa, Solios Services Southern Africa

A history marked by many accomplishments worldwide

1886 - 1940 - Construction of famous bridges, structure of the Orsay Station in Paris, hundred of locomobiles and locomotives

1914 - 1918 - Fabrication of shells and motors during World War I

1943 - First equipment for a paste plant in the Aluminium Industry

1960 - First Wet Scrubbers in electrolysis hall

1970 - First Furnaces for casthouse

1973 - First industrial installation of the Dry Scrubbing technology for electrolysis pots

1981 - First Green Anode Plant on a turnkey basis at Tomago in Australia

Four companies joined together to form Solios, an Aluminium business unit within Fives

2003 - Creation of Solios which gathered FCB Aluminium, Procedair SA, Procedair Industries and Stein Atkinson Stordy (SAS). These companies were respectively renamed Solios Carbone, Solios Environnement SA, Solios Environnement Inc and Solios Thermal
Creation of an Aluminium Services subsidiary in Bahrain, Solios Services Gulf Spc

2004 - Creation of an Aluminium Services subsidiary in China, Solios Services China

2007 – Integration of Setaram Engineering, a company specialized in the Firing & Control Systems on Anode Baking Furnaces, within Solios Carbone

2008 - The Compagnie de Fives Lille became Fives and Solios changed to Fives Solios

2012 - Integration of Litwin, a company specialized in Carbo-chemical and Distillation activities which became Solios Chemical

2014 - Fives Solios brand becomes Fives. All the Fives Solios companies join the Aluminium specialty except Solios Chemical that joins the newly created Chemtec specialism. Solios Environnement Inc, which also specializes in the cement industry, is part of both Aluminium and Cement | Minerals specialties